Maximize your recovery by maximizing your circulation. Suitable for both athletes and non-athletes.


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KAATSU is a multi-functional training, rehabilitation and recovery modality which is based on blood flow moderation exercises involving compression of the vasculature proximal to the exercising muscles; this serves as a catalyst for hormonal release which can be combined with nearly every other modality at our Recovery Lounge. The application of pressure can be done while sitting or while moving, and is unique in that it causes both slow and fast-twitch muscles to become fatigued at equal rates, a scenario which is otherwise impossible unless one extremely exerts themselves. The effects are significant, quickly obtained and can be obtained by using no weights or exercise equipment.  KAATSU is safely used by Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes, and by individuals as old as 104.

Benefits of KAATSU:

  • Improvement of Health

  • Vascular flexibility

  • Increase in muscle tone

  • Increase in muscle strength



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