How Float Therapy Is Helping Our Veterans

Our team at RXR3 stays on top of all the latest research regarding the treatment modalities ar RXR3. Everyday we get to hear from our clients the life-enhancing effects of all of our modalities, but as recovery professionals we appreciate

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John Hanley
February's Member of the Month


"What first brought me to RXR3 was actually my sports massage therapist Dennis. He recommended I come check out the facility and chat with Tim about an on going hamstring injury. My first time here I did PEMF, full body vibration, and compression. And I was sold. Not only on the therapies that I did, but also

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January's Member of The Month

Mike and Jenese are empty nesters who enjoy spending time with their growing family. The last couple of years were extremely busy and their health was trending downward. With exercise almost nonexistent and life out of balance they knew they needed

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Tim Hipp