January's Member of The Month

RxR3 January 2019 Members of the Month are Mike and Jenese Morton

Mike and Jenese are empty nesters who enjoy spending time with their growing family. The last couple of years were extremely busy and their health was trending downward. With exercise almost nonexistent and life out of balance they knew they needed a mindset and lifestyle change. Mike started reading articles and listening to podcasts on improving health, wellness and longevity. His research led him to understand the benefits of Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, and Floatation Tanks.

Jenese says "We were thrilled to discover RxR3 Recovery Lounge, where we could try all of these procedures! We found RxR3 helpful immediately! We both use the Infrared Sauna and Floatation Tank for both mental and physical wellbeing. Mike regularly uses LiveO2 and finds RxR3 helpful with his running performance and recovery. I have increased energy levels and my overall health is improving since using the PEMF therapy, Infrared Sauna and Floatation.

We are very happy to have a place where we can rest, restore, rejuvenate and work on athletic performance!"

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Tim Hipp