February's Member of the Month

Jody Heitman


"What first brought me to RXR3 was actually my sports massage therapist Dennis. He recommended I come check out the facility and chat with Tim about an on going hamstring injury. My first time here I did PEMF, full body vibration, and compression. And I was sold. Not only on the therapies that I did, but also the facility over all, the staff, and their impressive knowledge of each modality. I’m now have less pain in my hamstring then I’ve had for several months.

It wasn’t too long after talking about RXR3 non-stop to my fiancé that he comes now too. He’s a regular for PEMF and cryotherapy. I myself have tried almost every modality offered. But my favorites are infrared sauna, cryotherapy, and the light therapy bed!

We make RXR3 our weekly Thursday night recovery date. 

RXR3 has definitely had a positive impact on our overall health and wellness!"