Steve Fish recommends RXR3 Recovery.

June 1, 2019

Pulled a muscle at the Tough Mudder. Tim Hipp was a HUGE help with leg and hip compression. Very professional and so helpful. HIGHLY recommended.

Keir Hogan recommends RXR3 Recovery.

April 13, 2019 · 

Great experience, great staff. Very knowledgeable and cares about each of his customers

Deb Wolfe recommends RXR3 Recovery.

March 15, 2019 · 

Awesome staff! Just started, did PEMF, some minor pain knees when I arrived, no pain when I left. Looking forward to trying cryotherapy.

L.M. reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

January 10, 2019

I absolutely love and believe in this place! The staff is professional and very well informed about each and every service provided, and the facility is kept immaculately clean. I've gone off and on now the last couple of months and feel the difference each time I leave! Yesterday my appointment was for PEMF and a float therapy session. I arrived with a migraine and woke up today from the best sleep ever, migraine free and feeling like my mind had just returned from a relaxing vacation to Aruba (without all the stress of having to deal with the flight to get there). Definitely check em out! I've sent several friends there at this point & they all have loved their experiences as well!

Betsy Calvert reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

July 31, 2018· 

RXR3 has become an important part of my life… I have become totally dependent on this wonderful facility where just walking in the door makes me feel not only more physically balanced but also flooded with peaceful healing energy. I work out at Next Level Fitness on a regular basis and have discovered that my sessions at RXR3 have improved both my physical and mental functioning levels. Because I have multiple joint replacements I have to be careful what I do during exercise classes... The LiveO2 and CVAC as well as the vibration and compression sessions at RXR3 have improved my endurance and overall health levels in noticeable ways. If you haven’t tried CVAC yet, go in and ask any of the staff to tell you about it and give it a try. I love RXR3 and all their totally knowledgeable and supportive staff. Thanks Tim for making all this available to us!!

Jennifer Shepherd reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

May 28, 2018· 

If you have never been I highly recommend it. I have never been to a place that puts so much attention on helping you recover from whatever it is you do. From sports, Crossfit or daily stress they have exactly what you need to feel better and get back into it.

Jayson Ewer reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

April 9, 2018

I had heard what I chocked up to be “hype” about flotation therapy and dismissed it as “just a fad”. WOW, was I wrong! This is a complete game changer for me! I was rear ended in a car accident 4 years ago this month and have been in terrible pain since the accident. Today, as I floated for the first time, I had a near painless experience and found myself laughing with delight at one point as I was overcome with joy. I will be back SOON!!


Paul Blake reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

April 4, 2018

The staff is on point, professional and very courteous. Tim is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Best Recovery center in the DMV!


Ryan Barnett reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

March 23, 2018

I tried 4 of the services they offer compression, float, cryothearapy, and the UV sauna. All of it was amazing I feel great the next day! I will for sure be going back and have already started to push others to go!

Nicola Tidey reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

March 15, 2018

I came in for infrared sauna to help me recover from hip surgery. It works wonders ! Love these guys. Fantastic facility. Can’t wait to try the other things they have !

Jess Brown reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

March 8, 2018

In addition to doing CrossFit, I carry all my stress in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I just completed a regime of full body vibration with 85% O2, followed by a 3 min cryotherapy session and finishing with a leg compression. I seriously feel more relaxed from doing all that than I have from a full body massage. Thank you!!! I’ll definitely be back soon!


Shelby Dworakowski reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

March 2, 2018

I took my daughter for Cryo and compression therapy to help speed up the recovery for Runner's Knee. The facility is soft and inviting and the staff, (Tim & Chris) so knowledgeable and kind! Their passion is evident and they are eager to help! My daughter was nervous about floating and the patience that Chris had in explaining each step and giving her options was amazing. Every visit is a great experience! 
RXR3 is whole body wellness!


Mia Frustaci Grabner reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

February 25, 2018

A new approach to healing that serves the body well. My daughter attended two float sessions to help recover from a concussion. This has truly helped with her headaches and balance. Thank you for offering these services in our community !


Kathleen Gaynor Riley reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

February 20, 2018

Excellent. Cryotherapy and compression sessions are helping my injury heal and my teenagers (one neurotypical and one not) enjoyed a break from loud life during their floats tonight. The staff is helpful, knowledgable, and professional. We will be back. So much awesome under this roof!


Judi Miller reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

February 13, 2018

Last night was my first visit to RxR3. I tried, cryo, compression and flotation for the first time and combined it with total body vibration coupled with acupressure. At the end of 3 blissful hours, I walked out, pain free for the first time in years.The Recovery Lounge totally lives up to its name. Tim and Kristianne were outstanding and are totally committed to giving you the best healing experience to maximize performance. Can't wait to go back.


Cathy Waldron reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

January 17, 2018

I had been researching cryotherapy for a while and was intrigued by how it could help with this aging body I have. I was thrilled to see an add for RxR3 in Haymarket, I was meant to try it! I have done cryotherapy and compression several times now and I don't think I will be stopping anytime soon! The staff is great too, very professional and knowledgeable.


Sierra Sloan reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

November 28, 2017 

I tried Cryo for the first time and loved it! The facility itself is beautiful and the people are extremely knowledgeable and kind. Kristianne has a great energy about her and educated me on all the benefits each recovery tool provides. The best part about RXR3 is that everything is under one roof from Cryo to compression to float therapy and more. It is a one stop shop for relaxation and recovery. I highly recommended RXR3 as a great source for relaxation and healing physically and mentally.


Darlene Smith reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

November 28, 2017 

Thank you for great service on Saturday. My daughter raced the Mid Atlantic Bicycling Racing Cyclocross Championship on the following day and she won!! Receiving Normatec Recovery services after hard workouts was perfect and made her race ready!! We will be incorporating RxR3 into her triathlon training regime.


MaryBeth Starkey reviewed RXR3 Recovery — 5 star

November 12, 2017  

I used RxR3 just prior to and after my most recent marathon. The cryo alleviated pain and soreness immediately, and I love the compression! The salt soak was relaxing, and the time passed so quickly. I didn't even realize I was asleep until I woke up! Probably the best part about the business is the customer service though! Tim and Kristianne are so kind and helpful! Highly recommend!