RxR3 is your leading recovery and wellness center, located in Haymarket, VA.

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We Help You Recover



Extra time between sessions

to sanitize.

All touch points sprayed down

with peroxide.


Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 9am-1pm and 3pm-8pm
Tuesday-Thursday: 3pm-8pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: Closed

Want to feel better?

Let us help.

Dealing with an Injury
Having Pain
Holistic Wellness
Improve Performance
Low Energy & Mood


Recovery for whatever
your needs may be.

RxR3 treatments are designed to assist in the rapid recovery and management of chronic pain and inflammation so that you can perform at your peak. You deserve a state of living without low energy levels and the burden of pain. Improve your body’s performance levels and support your natural recovery processes. Let RxR3 bring your body back to balance so you can finally move better again.

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Recovery Plan


RxR3 helped me


with my shoulder injury.

recover from a marathon.

face my fears.

with my shoulder injury.


I’m 67, and had to stop playing pickup games on the basketball court last year because of a knee injury. But two months using the unique array of equipment at RXR3, plus the dedication of Tim and his staff, and my knee is 100%, which I never dreamed was possible at my age.


My first time here I did PEMF, full body vibration, and compression. And I was sold. Not only on the therapies that I did, but also the facility over all, the staff, and their impressive knowledge of each modality. I’m now have less pain in my hamstring then I’ve had for several months.

Mike and Jenese

We found RxR3 helpful immediately! I have increased energy levels and my overall health is improving since using the PEMF therapy, Infrared Sauna and Floatation. We are very happy to have a place where we can rest, restore, rejuvenate and work on athletic performance!


Visiting is always a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Staff are professional and courteous. Tim is super passionate and knowledgeable. Love that we have such a fantastic place focused on wellness right here in Haymarket!