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What is it?

Live O2 Adaptive Contrast generates a safe, controlled method of hypoxia- starving the body of oxygen. The body's response to this is an immediate opening of the vascular system; similar in feel to what we commonly associate with the energy of youth. The changes in the body can be profound for detoxification and brain/lung health, and often provide a lasting result that you can feel.

At room air, you breathe 21% oxygen. LiveO2 offers 14% oxygen for desaturation periods and 85% oxygen for restoration periods. These levels are carefully designed to encourage your body's natural circulation process.

Increased circulation creates an undesirable environment for inflammation. Reduced inflammation can reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions.


Enhances lung function.

Enhances circulation.

Quickens healing time.

Enhances peripheral vascular disease.

Increases range of motion.

Decreases inflammation.

Decrease stress.

Increases collagen production.

Increases metabolic rate.

Decreases pain.

How it works

LiveO2 Oxygen Contrast Therapy is controlled hypoxia. This process increases your lung capacity and oxygenation throughout the body to boost your energy and endurance.