Experience Redlight Therapy

Experience low-energy light emitting diodes (LEDs) or lasers as an alternative therapy for pain relief, or to promote good cell functions.

Redlight Therapy

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What is it?

The principle of red light therapy can be thought of as like a human version of the way plants create nutrients through photosynthesis.

It is thought that certain wavelengths of light can enhance the functioning of mitochondria, which are help your cells take in nutrients and break them down to create energy. By enhancing the cellular respiration, you can improve brain function, hormone levels, athletic performance, and more.

The LightStim Red Light Bed uses a combination of red light and infrared wavelengths to increase circulation and decrease inflammation. You will finish your session feeling refreshed, warm, and less anxious or tense than when you started.


FDA approved to reduce pain related to arthritis.

FDA approved to improve skin conditions including acne, scarring, stretch marks, skin elasticity, and discoloration.

Reduce muscle soreness and improve mobility.

Increases circulation and decreases inflammation.

Supports hormones to reduce mood swings and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How it works

Red Light Therapy is FDA approved for the treatment of arthritis and chronic pain, as well as skin conditions including acne, age lines, and skin discoloration. The soothing warmth is an added benefit.