Normatec Recovery System

Get that "fresh legs" feeling and promote a faster recovery.


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What is it?

Maximizing circulation throughout your body and moving metabolic waste out of your limbs helps reduce muscle soreness and promotes faster recovery. Our NormaTec gear is comprised of a control unit, and separate attachments that can go either on the legs, hips, or arms. The attachments use compressed air in a dynamic compression pattern to massage tissue, mobilize fluid, improve circulation, and speed up recovery.

The pulsing compression simulates drainage in your limbs to help move build up of lactic acid and fluid after intense exercise. There is a gradient hold pattern that utilizes constant pressure to keep your body’s fluids moving in the right direction.

Compression is a simple way to support your post-workout fuel routine so that you can hit the gym again tomorrow; pain free.


Reduces inflammation.

Reduces water retention.

Mobilizes lactic acid and supports detoxification.

Improves circulation.

Relieves “heavy legs”.

Reduces the development of cellulite.

Prevents first-stage varicose.

Improves skin elasticity after pregnancy or weight loss.

How it works

Compression therapy is a manual manipulation therapy that can increase circulation and reduce pain and swelling. At RxR3, we offer Normatec compression boots, arm sleeves, and hip compression to sooth aching joints and sore muscles.

Who should not use the NormaTec Compression therapy system?
What areas of the body can the NormaTec Recovery System treat?